Absolutely professional hope i never need them again but if i do they are now my go to towing company

Dawn Stanford

Wow I can't believe how fast they helped me and was very empathetic and calmed me down in a state of panic , broken down on the side of the road. They got there extremely fast I can't thank them enough , thank you so much for alllll your help and how quickly your tow truck got to me!! Very professional

Linda Doucet


vallery lewis

Was in Lafayette to visit a family friend and on the way out both my tires burst on the passenger side. Glenn had their guy come out with his tow truck in just under 15 minutes - THANKS JOSH! He was very helpful and cooperative with my shift of delivery location of the car as I am not familiar with the area. Payment was a breeze and so was communication.


I called this company about our rig that broke down that needed a tire change. He took the time to point me in the right direction! Thank you! Seemed nice with good customer service!

Ashley Cruz

I've had the unfortunate luxury of using a few different tow companies. Glenn's was by far the most professional from requesting a tow to the actual tow truck driver. Their prices are hard to beat too. They are definitely my go to now.

Chad Beraud

Not there under good terms but staff made us feel at ease.

Angry Veteran Empire

I HIGHLY receomment this company! My driver broke down on teh interstate on a saturday afternoon. EVERY tow place in teh area was either very unfriendly or didnt answer. The ones that did wanted to charge 1600 dollars or more for a 1 mile tow! Not only was this gentleman very professional and nice as could be, but he was fair and exremely helpful! With teh shops having such wait lists right now, its very refreshing to work with someone as oldschool in their was as we are, meaning amazing at what he does and friendly to boot!!! Thank YOu so much Glenn!!

Judee Taylor

They came in the middle of the night and the driver was very helpful, he did more than what he had to do. Good company and very good driver

Daniel Gascón

Great service fast and friendly would gladly use them if ever I a bind again

lenea Davis

Fast and friendly!

Yolanda Winzer

Absolutely Love Glenn's !! They came out at 4 in the morning. Very quick, very professional. If you need a tow Glenn's is the way to go!!

John Jenkins

Very quick and helpful

INFID3L Lone Wolf

Loved The Service Absolutely! It Was Exceptionally Fast Service For The Price Paid , Were Fast Getting To My Location To Pick Up My Disabled Car , Driver Was Real Professional and Had Good Conversation. He Was Driving A Really Clean Wrecker. I Paid But $78 Compared To Some Who Wanted To Charge Me Over $300 For The Same Distance Travelled . So I Most Definitely Would and Will Use Glenn's Wrecker Service Again and Reccomend Others To Do So As Well .

Bryan Sattler

Lowest prices in town on towing your vehicle

Robert LaBrie